My approach is broad, holistic and practical. The crux is the interconnectedness of people and perspectives that my clients need to deal with. They will learn to understand how their interaction with those around them can influence people towards the desired goal.

My philosophy is that experienced people unconsciously feel what needs to change; it is just a question of bringing it out, making it explicit and then taking action. I believe that leaders perform best when they remain authentic.

I’m able to quickly grasp my client’s business context because of my extensive management experience.


In an introductory session we will clarify the coaching objectives and decide whether we can work together. Then about 6 coaching sessions will follow. There will be no up-front plan for the sessions as we will be using real life cases which you will bring in. You will analyse situations, explore your feelings, and learn how to act differently while remaining authentic. My role is to confront you with your doings and to help you see how that affects others.

Anything that we talk about will remain strictly confidential. I will not pass information on to anyone else or report on progress without your prior consent.