About me

Experience as a Coach

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As a senior manager in several different roles I have always used a coaching style of leadership. From 2001 onwards I have enhanced my coaching skills by following several professional courses and am now a certified executive coach.

My clients are talented leaders in key positions in a range of international companies.

Given my extensive management experience I can easily relate to business dilemmas that you may be wrestling with. I have considerable experience in managing international initiatives and alliances in the areas of marketing and IT. As a strategic thinker I can spar on key business issues. I have a particular interest in coaching managers in global companies where cross-cultural teamwork is of importance.

Working experience in Air France KLM 1972-2008

Over the years I have fulfilled various management positions at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The most recent was as Director Air France – KLM Liaison Office where I focused on the people aspects of post-merger integration of Air France and KLM. Prior to that I was Director Corporate Strategy & Business Development, a role encompassing strategic decision-making processes for the KLM Management Board; it included topics such as partnering and alliances, strategic repositioning,  governance, and the annual strategic planning cycle.

I spent 13 years in Passenger Marketing as Director Marketing Channels & Distribution when I also had shareholder responsibility for three companies. My earlier years at KLM were spent at Information Services, Cargo and Airport Handling where I was responsible for implementing strategic change projects.

Personal characteristics

People qualify me as engaged, accessible, conceptually analytic, result-driven, pragmatic, culturally sensitive, reliable and discrete.

Education and certification

  • Industrial Engineering and Organizational Development, Eindhoven University, Netherlands, 1966-1972.
  • Management training included courses at the American Management Association in Chicago.
  • School for Coaching, Leiden, Netherlands: Senior coaching course, 2002-2003; Executive Coaching, 2004.
  • Intercultural Competencies and Readiness Check, IBI, Laren, 2008.
  • Global Leadership, Global Coaches Network, Washington, 2009.
  • Cross-cultural Coaching, Rosinski & Company, Brussels, 2009.
  • Deep Democracy, Myrna Lewis, South Africa, 2015.

My passion

My meaning in life is to help make the world a better place for all to live and work, by encouraging people to be positive, to develop themselves, and, to look after themselves, others and the planet. My coaching is hopefully a small indirect contribution to solutions for the great challenges the world faces. I aim to live and work sustainably, especially by minimizing CO2 emissions (using solar energy and public transport). Some of my coaching income goes to support small entrepreneurs in developing countries by providing micro-credit, see www.kiva.org.